The Minors at Science Hill

A Romantic, Rustic, Contemporary Barn Wedding | Shelbyville, KY

I have recently updated my website and with that came a brand-new blog! I wanted to have something for all of my amazing clients and friends to look at off the bat, so I chose to re-visit Callee + Clay, who just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary! Enjoy their wedding day with me once again and experience the romance! -kgp

When I first met Callee, I immediately noticed her dazzling smile. It  lit up her entire face, yet it was never quite as bright as when she was next to Clay. During their engagement session last October, they giggled and laughed and had the best, silly time and it was so fun to hang around them! You could see and feel their love and I knew that their wedding day would be something special.

Fast forward to this past Saturday where the perfect weather, an amazing venue, months of planning and a gorgeous + fun wedding party all came together to make their day just that! It was classic, romantic, a little rustic, and so full of love. Callee + Clay immediately made me feel like one of their family and it was an honor serving them and capturing all the details of a day they waited four years to happen!

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Minor. May you have a lifetime of happy days!

July 8, 2020

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